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We are back up and running with a new astronomer and new programs!

Come and view the astonishing night sky through the largest telescope available to the public in the Southern Hemisphere and enjoy our
"Night sky show"



The Night Sky Show presented by our resident astronomer, offers the pristine open sky from the all new Milroy Observatory.

We begin our tour out under the open sky with a grand view and guided walk through of our Milky way galaxy, stopping off at constellations along the way, as your astronomer explains how the universe works and how the stars are formed. Learn the workings of the Southern Cross, how to find south using it and hear some stories from the Dream Time in our Ancient Astronomers presentation.

Next we go inside the dome where you look through the massive 40 inch diameter telescope, not only through space but through time itself as you witness the wonders of star birth, globular clusters of stars, even planets if they are visible and much more. You will see the sky has seasons that beckon you to come back again and again to follow our changing sky.

The 40inch telescope is a research instrument and was the first of the Siding Spring telescopes and so provides views of the night sky never before available! Bring along your DSLR and maybe we can place it on the big scope for an incredible astro-photo on your camera!

Be amazed at Milroy Observatory.


Show Prices:
** Bookings are required **

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Scopes and folks at Milroy Observatory


'Scopes and folks'. Families take in the stellar vistas during a Night Sky Show.
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