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Some of the people around Milroy Observatory.



Donna Burton : Astronomer / Science Communicator

Donna has always been in love with the sky. A Drovers Brat, she learned to love the sky at an early age and learned many ancient stories of the sky.

She is always happy to share her love of the sky with anyone who will listen and is a popular speaker with schools, amateur astronomy gatherings; seniors groups and has been a guest lecturer on a number of Princess Cruises. Her friendly, easy going style ensures the group has fun as well as learning about the wonders of the night sky.

For many years Donna worked at Siding Spring Observatory as an observer, technical support officer, and support astronomer on the research telescopes. She worked for the Australian National University and taught the students and visiting astronomers how to use the University's telescopes including the 40" when it still resided on the Mountain. She has discovered 2 comets being one of few women to have ever done so. She is currently studying for her PhD at the University of Southern QLD - "because she can!"

David Baker : Builder / Owner, Milroy Observatory

David Baker, learned of the need for a new home for the famous 40 inch telescope of Siding Spring and immediately saw the potential for a new attraction to the Coonabarabran area.

Known as a man who gets a job done, the Telescope was offered to Dave by the ANU, being confident that the 40" would get its new home...

A couple of short years later, the all new Milroy Observatory was ready to go, thanks to David's vision and tremendous effort.










David Baker at the top of his Refurbished 40 inch Milroy Telescope

David baker and 40 inch.

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